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World Wide Fund for Nature

Having taken an interest in sustainability and the environment from a young age, Rachel Makena has chosen to write and record songs as requested by WWF. After WWF heard her sustainability songs 'Plastic Wrap' and 'Can Anybody Hear Me?' Rachel Makena was asked to write songs for WWF events. 'Wear it Wild' was written to inspire people to take part in WWF's fundraising activity and 'Walrus' to raise awareness of World Walrus Day on 24th November.

By purchasing the WWF songs below you will be helping to raise money with 75% of the sale going towards WWF and the remaining to the charity donation platform Work for Good which allows businesses to easily donate to charity and, so Rachel Makena can continue to work as a musician.  

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Show your support by downloading Rachel Makena's fundraising songs from BandCamp.

'Walrus'  - a song written from the perspective of a Walrus on its day-to-day survival in the arctic Rachel Makena hopes to get across messages of animals who are being greatly impacted by climate change and habitat loss. Music has the ability to reach so many people in a different ways and even though there is a strong message in the lyrics the melody and instruments lift Walrus into the pop world.

After speaking with WWF about their fundraising campaign 'Wear it Wild' Rachel Makena was asked to write a theme song, in the style similar to a radio jingle. 'Wear it Wild' was written to inspire others to take part in WWF's fundraising activity. The song explains what it is all about.

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The website BandCamp allows song purchases and downloads.

You can download directly by clicking the 

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Depending on your browser, you may see two page previews embedded into this website you can use to download from BandCamp. 


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