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Walrus - Written and produced by Rachel Makena

For this song, you need to imagine you are a walrus and you are living through climate change. This song tells the tale of the plight of the walrus as the world around them changes. The sea ice is melting in the sun, their hunting ground is quickly disappearing and they are having to find new places to search for their food. Walruses are more frequently using beaches to rest instead of sea ice consequently increasing their risk of a stampede (WWF 2018). All of this is showing how their habitat loss, due to Global Warming is destructive to the species in many ways.

'My song Walrus has been around since 2019 and I have played it live at festivals, events and local radio stations with the aim of increasing awareness of climate change. I have now recorded a version that I am happy to share online and as a physical copy to further promote awareness as well as use it to fundraise for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and help promote their World Walrus day on 24th November.

Reference: Climate change puts the Pacific Walrus population on thin ice | Stories | WWF (

Plastic Wrap 

Plastic WrapRachel Makena
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Plastic Wrap was inspired by a tin of beans.

Whilst out shopping I noticed that the packs of multipack beans (wrapped in plastic) were cheaper than buying the tins individually. I didn't understand how this could be possible, considering it was using more resources. I wrote to the supermarket and manufacturer about why this was the case, with the aim of reducing plastic waste. 4 months later... and still no change in the packaging, I decided to write a song about the the impact of plastic pollution the environment to help increase awareness around what plastic does to the environment and how I added my voice to the tide of change by writing directly to businesses.


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Rachel Makena is a passionate and committed musician and has most recently had the opportunity to debut her song Walrus on BBC Introducing Radio Humberside and BBC Radio Humberside's Eco-time presented by Alan Raw (August 2023).


Rachel Makena's songs explore sustainability as well as more traditional singer-songwriter music talking of love and relationships in her original songs.


Browse her music portfolio on this website or streaming platforms such as Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and get in touch via email or the contact form with any comments or questions.

‘Rachel is a captivating and versatile artist which we at Viking FM have featured at a diverse range of events. She is as comfortable performing in front of an intimate crowd as she is in front of hundreds. We have often given Rachel a challenge, whether it is performing an originals set, a covers set, a Christmas set or even performing with a live band which she hadn't met until she stepped on stage! Rachel has performed at many Viking FM events and has always wowed the crowds, including a performance in front of over 500 listeners when she starred on our All At Sea ferry trip to Amsterdam.’

Richard Ingham, Sponsorship & Promotions Manager, Viking FM


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